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Mission - Mamooriat - ماموریت

Mission - Mamooriat - ماموریت

Mission - Mamooriat - ماموریت
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Time has not aged the laughs in Hossein Zandbaf’s delightful comedy. The suspicious Saadat has questions about his daughter’s prospective husband Mehran, and decides to hire a private detective to monitor Mehran’s movements. However, he gets more than he bargained for when he enlists the help of hapless detective Taghi, who is convinced that Mehran is a drug trafficker, and will stop at nothing to prove his theory. Abar Abdi cuts a Chaplinesque figure as Taghi, and we cannot help but be drawn into his chaotic world.

دختر آقای سعادت با مهندس مهران قرار ازدواج گذاشته است. آقای سعادت، كه آدم بدگمانی است، آقا تقی خیالاتی و دست و پا چلفتی را مأمور می كند تا مهران را زیر نظر بگیرد. آقا تقی ادعا می كند كه مهران عضو باند قاچاق هروئین است.


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