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Minus 18 - Manfi 18 - منفی 18

Minus 18 - Manfi 18 - منفی 18

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Minus 18 - Manfi 18 - منفی 18

Gripping drama following Maryam, a young woman, frustrated by the constant fighting of her parents. Deciding she has had enough, she leaves the house one night and wanders around the streets until she hears the sound of a beautiful singing voice coming from a house. Yet when she falls in love with the young man she finds there, it’s not quite the happy ending she hopes for. Maryam and her new love must confront some tense and potentially deadly obstacles before they can hope to be together.

The movie concerns the problem of delinquency among the youths, and it is about the production and distribution of immoral films by the youngsters.

فيلم به معضل بزهكاري جوانان مي پردازد و در مورد تكثير و توزيع فيلم هاي غيراخلاقي توسط جوان ها است.