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Absolute Past - Mazi Motlagh - ماضی مطلق

Absolute Past - Mazi Motlagh - ماضی مطلق

Absolute Past - Mazi Motlagh - ماضی مطلق
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A young man named Saeed suffers from a disability that forces him to lead a solitary life. He is frustrated that his disability has forced him into a state of arrested development, unable to venture far into the outside world. However he excels at mathematics from his room at home in his spare time. When his window is deliberately broken, Saeed suspects a local child named Omid. However, upon observing him from his window, Saeed sees that he is a good-natured boy. The two proceed to form an unlikely friendship as Saeed tutors Omid on the mathematical problems he is struggling with.

Masoud Esmaili, Mohammad Khayat
Amir Mehrvarzan

Cast & Crew

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