Marriage Of The Blessed - Arousiye Khoban - عروسی خوبان

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Marriage Of The Blessed - Arousiye Khoban - عروسی خوبان

Marriage Of The Blessed - Arousiye Khoban - عروسی خوبان

After Partial recovery from the impact of explosion waves, Haji a young combatant leaves hospital and advised by doctors to get married for perfect recuperation. His fiancée's father is a businessman who is planning to marry his daughter to a rich man. While resolving the problem of marriage, Haji gains a new understanding of social problems. He relapses during the wedding and is taken back to hospital. Going over recent events he comes to the conclusion that battle front is the only place for him, and leaves the hospital before complete recovery.

Haji is a young warrior who suffers from mental disorder and is now recovered and lives at home. The doctors advice him to marry his fiance in order to get his health back. The father of his fiance is a hoarder who tries to get his daughter married to a wealthy man. Besides the problems of his marriage, social issues also affect Haji and he becomes sick again at his wedding ceremony. He is brought back to sanatorium. After a while, he recovers again, but finds out that the only place for him is the front.

حاجی رزمنده جوان موجی که در حال بهبودی است از آسایشگاه مرخص میشود. دکترها پیشنهاد می کنند برای باز یافتن سلامتی اش هرچه زودتر با نامزدش ازدواج کند. پدر نامزدش مرد محتکری است که میخواهد دخترش را به داماد ثروتمندی شوهر دهد. ضمن حل مسئله ازدواج، مسائل اجتماعی، ذهن حاجی را اشغال میکند و سرانجام در مراسم ازدواج حالش بد می شود و ناچار او را به آسایشگاه برمیگردانند. بعد از مدتی حاجی اندکی بهبود پیدا می کند ولی به این نتیجه میرسد که جای أو فقط در جبهه است.