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Marriage Agency - Ajanse Ezdevaj - آژانس ازدواج

Marriage Agency - Ajanse Ezdevaj - آژانس ازدواج

Marriage Agency - Ajanse Ezdevaj - آژانس ازدواج

Aziz and Balabes are two close friends that live together and work in the village’s mortuary. One night Balabes dreams of numerous women shoes and sandals. When he wakes up he reads the interpretation of his dream and finds out that the shoe is the symbol of marriage. He becomes sad because he cannot marry. Balabes is depressed but Aziz considers this a divine gift that every time Balabes decides to marry a girl, that same girl marries in one week or sooner, so that no girl, spinster or widow, is left in the village. One day when Balabes is fixing the roof of the mortuary, a woman comes and asks him to help in distributing votive food. When Balabes recognizes Nora, a girl that he had intended to marry years ago, he faints. Nora explains to Balabes that after he asked for her hand in marriage, another suitor comes forward from outside the country and she goes to Turkey to marry him, but the man turns out to be a con artist and Nora, after returning from Turkey, is too ashamed to go back to the village and lives in Tehran with her sick mother. After Nora leaves the village, Balabes talks to Aziz and decides to ask for Nora’s hand in marriage once again, but this time more cautiously. To cover the expenses of his wedding, Balabes goes to his cousin Solomon in Tehran to get back the five million Tomans he had borrowed for his wedding expenses. Solomon who is known as “Sasy Monkan” owns a shoe shop and is a manipulative man. As soon as he finds out that Balabes has decided to come to Tehran, he tries to send him back but Balabes is far more serious than that. In his late uncle’s house, Balabes meets some of Solomon’s friends that are a group of rappers, but he does not try to befriend them. The next day Balabes goes to Nora’s workplace to see her and also to find a job but…


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