Maral - Maraal - مارال


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Maral - Maraal - مارال

Maral - Maraal - مارال

Rezvan and Haj Ebrahim are a middle-aged couple who live a peaceful and monotonous life in an old house. Their only reason of excitement in life is their participation in charity affairs. Their son, Amir, who is married, lives in a town far from them. Rezvan who works actively in Kahrizak Charity Foundation, asks for volunteers to support the survivors of an earthquake, and decides to adopt the only survived daughter of a family herself. Because of religious considerations, a confidentiality concubine is established between the girl, Maral, and Haj Ebrahim. Maral is a 20-year old girl and when she comes to their house, Rezvan finds out that the atmosphere is not normal. She asks her husband to find a man for Maral but Haj Ebrahim hinders each time because he is tempted to marry Maral on a permanent basis. At the same time, when Maral meets Masoud, the son of a Rezvan's friend, Faegheh, while spending his military service, she falls in love with him.


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