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Manuscripts - Dast Neveshteha - دست نوشته‌ها


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Manuscripts - Dast Neveshteha - دست نوشته‌ها

Manuscripts - Dast Neveshteha - دست نوشته‌ها

Hossein Motamed a former committe's member who is now an ordinary taxi driver is being informed that a terrorist group are after assassinating him. A young man Mansor who has to assassinate him arrives but does not want to do so. He tells Hossein about their plans but Hossein asks him to keep working with the terrorists so he can pursue and arrest them. Mansor is getting killed and Hossein is captured by the terrorists but the authorities are to the rescue.

In 1982, a young man named Mansour is given a mission by a political terrorist group to identify and assassinate a commissioner named Hossein. Mansour communicates Hossein and informs him about his mission. The close relationship between Mansour and Hossein makes it possible for them to gain more and more accurate information about the terrorist organization.Along the clash between the committee and the terrorist organization, Mansour is killed by the terrorists. Eventually, the main gang of terrorists is detected and destroyed by the committee.

در سال 1361 از طرف یک گروه تروریست سیاسی به جوانی به نام منصور ماموریت داده میشود تا یک مامور کمیته به نام حسین را شناسایی و ترور کند. منصور با حسین ارتباط برقرار میکند و جریان ماموریت خود را برای او شرح میدهد. رابطه نزدیک منصور و حسین موجب شناسایی هر چه بیشتر و اطلاعاتی دقیق در خصوص تشکیلات تروریستی مزبور میشود. در جریان درگیری بین کمیته و تشکیلات تروریستی، منصور به دست تروریستها کشته میشود و سرانجام باند اصلی تروریست ها توسط کمیته کشف و نابود میگردد.


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