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Man's Fist - Moshte Mard - مشت مرد


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Man's Fist - Moshte Mard - مشت مرد

Man's Fist - Moshte Mard - مشت مرد

A twin sister are in love with two brothers. The older brother is a professional burglar and the younger one is a porter.. The older brother has decided to start a new life with the money that he has gained from his last robbery. But his partners are looking for their share. They kidnap his fiancee in order to achieve their request as soon as possible. But the robbers have mistakenly kidnapped the twin sister of the intended girl, who is the younger brother's fiancee. Thus he gets involved with the conflict too. After a series of events, the robbers get arrested and the two brothers eventually marry their beloved ones.


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