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Majan - Maajan - ماجان

Majan - Maajan - ماجان

Subtitles: English, Arabic and +20 more languages

Majan - Maajan - ماجان

Arguing over living with their disabled son, Moloud and Hashem have come to the verge of a breakdown. Hashem leaves their son in a health resort, but Moloud takes him back to the house and causes a big crisis. At first, Hashem decides to divorce her, but then he tries to marry a second wife who finally rejects him fearing that she would be obliged to live with the disabled boy someday. Worried and afflicted, with some big issues in his workplace, Hashem would do anything to get rid of his son…

این فیلم خانواده‌ای را ترسیم می‌کند که کودکی معلول دارند؛ «ماجان» مادر خانواده، عاشق کودک معلولش «احسان» است اما همسرش وجود این کودک را کفاره‌ای برای گناهانش می‌داند و سعی دارد با فشار آوردن به «ماجان» او را وادار کند که «احسان» را به یک آسایشگاه بفرستد…

This film is about a couple who face a huge challenge in regard to their retarded child.