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Mainline - Khoon Baazi - خون بازی

Mainline - Khoon Baazi - خون بازی

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Italian, Turkish and +20 more languages

Mainline - Khoon Baazi - خون بازی

Picking up from her highly successful 'Under the Skin of the City', the mother of Iranian cinema Rakshan Bani-Etemad returns to her artistic city Tehran to document the plight of its drug dependent population. Narrating the spiralling relationship between a mother and her addict daughter, we are presented with all faces of poverty and desperation, as the drugs put an emotional and financial strain on the family. Adopting hand-held camera work, Bani-Etemad continues her realist visual style in this gritty study of urban life.

Sara is addicted to drugs and her family fails to bring her out of this situation. They are informed that Arash, Sara's fiance, who is pursuing his studies in Canada has decided to return to Tehran in a month. So in order to provide for their marriage, Sara has to withdraw. Her mother helps her through this critical period.

« سارا» معتاد به مواد مخدر است و کوشش خانواده برای خارج کردن او از این موقعیت مؤثر نبوده است. اما بعد از اینکه خبر می رسد «آرش» نامزد سارا، که مشغول تحصیل در تورنتو کانادا است بنا دارد برای برگزاری مراسم ازدواج تا یک ماه دیگر در تهران باشد، پس «سارا» تصمیم می گیرد تا به هر ترتیب اعتیادش را ترک کند، تصمیمی سخت در کشاکش وسوسه و مقاومت برای «سارا» است که مادرش نیز در کنارش در این بحران، او را یاری می دهد...