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Mahtab's Wedding - Aroosie Mahtab - عروسی مهتاب

Mahtab's Wedding - Aroosie Mahtab - عروسی مهتاب

سعید راننده آژانس است و شبی مسافری را سوار می کند که یک عروس است. عروس برای سعید تعریف می کند که همسرش فرامرز در مراسم عروسی نیامده و او باید دنبالش بگردد.

At her wedding's night, the groom who has to come after the bride doesn't show up in the beauty salon, so Mahtab takes a taxi to come home. Her family and relatives blame her and she inevitably has to spend the night at the driver's (Saeed) home. It causes misunderstanding for Saeed's family, and he gets in trouble as well. Mathab decides to look for her husband herself, and Saeed goes to help her. Her initial searches show that her husband is a drug dealer along with his friend Sohrab and his ex-wife Giti. At the wedding night, Giti has locked up her ex-husband in a basement out of jealousy. After a while, Sohrab kills Giti because of a financial issue within the group, and Mahtab, who had witnessed the murder, is now sought after; but with Saeed's intervention, Mahtab is saved. When police get to the scene, Sohrab is arrested and confesses to killing Mahtab's husband too. At the end, Saeed decides to marry Mahtab.