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The Magical Generation - Nasle Jadoi - نسل جادویی

The Magical Generation - Nasle Jadoi - نسل جادویی

The Magical Generation - Nasle Jadoi - نسل جادویی
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Babak is more than just an unemployed engineer living with his parents in his 20s. He possesses a supernatural sense of hearing, so strong he can hear through solid walls and over great distances. But Babak is not the only one with bizarre, unexplained powers. A group of extraordinary individuals begin to emerge and find each other. Will they learn to use their powers for anything other than their own selfish means? With experimental sequences and innovative camerawork, director Iraj Karimi takes a whimsical look at a band of youths brought together through their abilities, but bound by their lack of purpose.

Some young guys who have in commun the ability of an abnormal concentration, are gradually gathered together with Babak and Jaleh. Their marriage is facing a crisis. Jaleh has recently lost her sister, Sima, and now is trying her best to help her late sister's husband, who was very attached to his wife, to get back to normal life. Babak is trying to make their life warm and lovely again but does not succeed. Once, when these young people gather around in Jaleh's house for a party, the accumulation of their forces results in a spiritual belief. ...

چند جوان که وجه مشترک مشابهی با یکدیگر دارند و از قدرت تمرکز فوق العاده ای برخوردارند، متدرجاً یکدیگر را می یابند و گرد «بابك» و «ژاله» جمع می شوند. این دو مدتی است که زندگی مشترکشان دچار مسئله و فاصله شده است. «ژاله» که به تازگی خواهرش «سیما» را از دست داده بسیار سعی می کند تا «شاهرخ» همسر او را که شدیداً وابسته اش بوده به زندگی عادی برگرداند و «بابک» نیز به طرق مختلف سعی می کند گرمای گذشته را به زندگی مشترک خود و ژاله برقرار سازد، اما موفق نیست... یک بار که این جوانان با قدرت های عجیبشان، در یک میهمانی در خانه ی ژاله جمع می شوند، از تجمیع قدرتشان به باوری روحانی و جان پرور می رسند...


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