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Long Lost Sisters - Khaharane Gharib - خواهران غریب

Long Lost Sisters - Khaharane Gharib - خواهران غریب

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Long Lost Sisters - Khaharane Gharib - خواهران غریب

A young, inquisitive girl named Nargess encounters a girl from another school who could pass as her twin. Amazed by the strange coincidence, the two girls rush to their respective parents, but neither side has the time to hear them out. Nargess finds herself caught between her mother and father as she tries in vain to make herself heard, and when that fails, the two girls hatch a plan to swap places and see if their parents notice. While everything goes smoothly at first, it's not long until they start encountering problems in this double-sided family drama.

«نسرین» و «نرگس»، مثل سیبی هستند که از وسط نصف کرده باشند. سال ها پیش پدر و مادرشان آن ها را از یکدیگر جدا کرده اند، اما آنها از روی یک اتفاق همدیگر را پیدا کرده و پنهانی جایشان را عوض می کنند. حالا «نسرین» در خانه پدر به جای « نرگس» زندگی می کند و در تنهایی برای عکس خواهرش آواز می خواند: نیمه گمشده من، حرف های نشنیده من و...

Nasrin and Narges are a pair of identical twin sisters. Some years ago, their parents have separated them; however, once they run into each other, and decide to switch their places without informing their parents. Now, instead of Narges, Nasrin is living in the father’s house. In her solitude, she sings a song while looking at her sister’s picture: “my soul mate, my unheard words…”