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Lollipop - Abnabat Choobi - آبنبات چوبی

Lollipop - Abnabat Choobi - آبنبات چوبی

Lollipop - Abnabat Choobi - آبنبات چوبی
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Lollipop revolves around the disappearance of Maral. Initially it is assumed that she had run off to Turkey, with an unknown boyfriend, but as more time passes, her mother, sister, brother and brother-in-law, Morteza and Farhad, naturally become increasingly concerned. Eventually Morteza and Farhad begin to scour Tehran in search of Maral. As their search continues in failing to produce any concrete leads, her mother becomes steadily convinced the worst has happened as the discoveries they make become progressively more disturbing.

فیلم آب نبات چوبی مسائل جوانان و مشکلات تفاوت نسلی را بررسی می کند. اختلاف دیدگاه نسل قدیم و جدید درباره مشکلات خانواده و تاثیر جامعه بر جوانان امروزی محور اصلی این فیلم است....


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