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Leila - Leyla - لیلا

Leila - Leyla - لیلا

Leila - Leyla - لیلا
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Leila is a kind-hearted and loving woman whose marriage to Reza starts off happily. But when she learns that she is infertile, her life changes rapidly. Devastated by the news, Leila finds herself under growing pressure from Reza's mother to let him take a second wife to bear his children, and what follows is a profound psychological study of a woman swept away on a complex emotional journey. Led by two wonderful performances by Leila Hatami (Leila) and Jamileh Sheikhi as Reza’s manipulative mother, this is a powerful and thought-provoking drama that doesn’t disappoint.

Leila is at the onset of her marriage which is full of love. She realizes that she can never give birth to a child. Her husband, Reza, does not care about this and believes that their life is beautiful even without a child. Reza's mother, who is a stubborn woman and owns four daughters and one son, forces Leila to admit Reza's remarriage. Leila who is feeling guilty because of her infertility, has to tolerate the presence of another woman in her love life. The story of the film is about the struggle of a women with a painful but recurring reality.

"لیلا" در آغاز ازدواج سرشار از عشق متوجه میشود که هرگز صاحب فرزندی نخواهد شد. همسرش "رضا" به این قضیه اهمیتی نمی دهد و اعتقاد دارد زندگی آنها بدون بچه هم زیباست. مادر رضا، که زنی خودرأی است و چهار دختر و تنها همین یک پسر را دارد، " لیلا" را وادار میکند تا به ازدواج مجدد و رضا تن در دهد. «لیلا» در بحران احساس گناه به خاطر نازا بودنش باید حضور زن دیگری را در حریم زندگی عاشقانهٔ خود تحمل کند. داستان فیلم درگیری زنی است با واقعیتی دردناک و در عین حال روزمره و تکرار شدنی.


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