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Legend of Rosevile - Afsaneh Gol Abad - افسانه گل آباد


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Legend of Rosevile - Afsaneh Gol Abad - افسانه گل آباد

Legend of Rosevile - Afsaneh Gol Abad - افسانه گل آباد
User Rating

In a far beautiful village, Hassani is known for his laziness and carelessness. He doesn’t go to school or do his homework properly, doesn’t listen to his mom’s advices, doesn’t care about his hygiene and health, and instead, is always looking for fun and inaction. Then, his friends and relatives do not care about him either. But after a while, Hassani realizes he is not doing the right things and he has to reconsider his behaviors.


iran proud


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