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Laughter in the Rain - Khandeh Dar Baran - خنده در باران

Laughter in the Rain - Khandeh Dar Baran - خنده در باران

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Laughter in the Rain - Khandeh Dar Baran - خنده در باران

A lovelorn doctor trying to invent a way to prevent brain damage in comatose patients manages to create a device that can digitally store an individual's memories. After he is jilted at the altar by his fiancee, he accidentally swaps her memories with those of a serial womaniser and realises that the device can perhaps help him erase the painful events in his own past. Hilarity ensues as he tries to perfect his invention in this memorable romantic comedy that asks the question: "Can you remember who you are if you forget who you were?"

دکتر نادر آذرنگ، پزشک جوان ایرانی موفق به ابداع روشی برای ثبت حافظه بیماران در کما میشود. با این روش اطلاعات و خاطرات بیمار به صورت امن تا زمان خروج بیمار از کما نگهداری میشود و پس از خروج بیمار از کما اطلاعات به مغز او بازمیگردد. مشکل از جایی آغاز میشود که در هنگام بازگردانی اطلاعات دو بیمار اشتباهی رخ میدهد و خاطرات آن دو جابجا میشود. یکی از بیماران خوشه (نامزد سابق دکتر آذرنگ) و دیگری مرد جوان حقه بازی به نام بهروز است که میخواهد از ظاهر جدید خود برای پیدا کردن یک شوهر پولدار استفاده کند

Nader is a doctor whose engagement with Khosheh falls apart during the wedding but he cannot stop thinking about her. Because of an accident, Khosheh and someone named Behroz fall into coma and Nader uses this opportunity to test his invention that stores and retrieves patients’ memories. But because of a mistake, the memories of these two people are swapped. The result is that Khosheh has Behroz’s personality and Behroz has Khosheh’s personality! Khosheh decides to marry her rich cousin but falls into a coma by accident again and this time Nader fixes Khosheh’s and Behroz’s memories. In the end, Khosheh and Nader marry each other.