Land of the Sun - Sarzamine Khorshid - سرزمین خورشید


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Land of the Sun - Sarzamine Khorshid - سرزمین خورشید

Land of the Sun - Sarzamine Khorshid - سرزمین خورشید

With the beginning of Iran-Iraqi war a hospital in Khoramshar is surrounded by the Iraqi army and is being attacked from both land and sky. Jahan Ara the young leader of the Iranians wants the injures and the rest of the women and doctors to get out of the hospital with an ambulance. But in the way the Iraqis attack them and some getting killed and few are saved. The few rescued people scatter around the city not finding the way to the Iranian's side. Among them is the driver of the ambulance, doctor Kasra, a widow, a captain, a man who constantly think of surrendering to the Iraqis so he can save his money, and a nurse Hanieh who brought two infants with herself. An Iraqi officer who has been captured is with them too.

Javad Roostaei who is a medical student goes to his hometown for vacation to visit his relatives. His return interfere with the enemies' attack to his hometown village and occupying it. The adolescent prefers to stand against the enemies rather than continuing his studies and starts to fight among other inhabitants.

جواد روستایی که دانشجوی رشته ی پزشکی است، در تعطیلات برای دیدار فامیل به زادگاهش باز میگردد، بازگشت او مقارن حمله ی نیروی دشمن به روستا و اشغال آن است. جوان رویاروئی با دشمن را به ادامه ی تحصیل ترجیح داده و با اهالی به مقابله با خصم می پردازد.


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