Laleh - Lale - لاله


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Laleh - Lale - لاله

Laleh - Lale - لاله

Laleh is a true story of a young woman in post-revolution Iran, struggling against all odds to break through in one of the most male dominated sports worldwide. All the while fighting a system bent on stopping her in a society ran by theocracy and decades of male dominance. She will face the biggest challenge of her life, not on the race track but on her path getting there; defying old tradition, family, religion and the Car Racing Federation of Iran. She risks everything for her right to race, and opens a pathway for millions to follow... "If you want to stop me, you have to catch me first"

فيلم داستان زندگي لاله صديق قهرمان اتومبيلراني ايران را به تصوير ميکشد

The story of Laleh Sedigh, the Rally champion .

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