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Laboratory - Azmayeshgah - آزمایشگاه

Laboratory - Azmayeshgah - آزمایشگاه

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Laboratory - Azmayeshgah - آزمایشگاه

Comedy chaos and misunderstandings aplenty develop in this heart-warming film which follows the misadventures of Champion, a socially awkward genius who works in a hospital lab. Dealing with his own slapstick clumsiness amidst the many colorful characters of the hospital, Champion searches for love and tries to become a success. But our likeable hero must first avoid the ploys of an old rival if he is to earn respect at the workplace and gain the attention he wants from Miss Pakzad. Filled with laughs from start to finish.

آزمایشگاه داستان یک جوان خجول شهرستانی است که با رتبه اول از دانشگاه فارغ‌التحصیل شده است. او برای استخدام به آزمایشگاه یک بیمارستان می‌آید، اما از لحظه اول با روابط و رقابت‌های آشکار و پنهان حرفه‌ای و عاطفی رو‌به‌رو می‌شود.

Ghahraman Ghamkhar Ghalaviz is a shy young man from a township, who has graduated from university with the first place in the field of Laboratory science. Nilofar Pakzad is his classmate who works in a hospital’s laboratory where her father is the manager. There is an unsaid and hidden emotional relationship between them but Ghahraman’s shyness is an obstacle on their way. Ghahraman has been working as a waiter in a vegetarian restaurant for years as a way to make ends meet. Nilofar has promised him that as soon as his studies are done, he can start to work in the hospital’s laboratory. But on the day of the interview, he faces a problem and gets there later than his rival. His rival is Ashkan who is a lazy student in the university and is trying to use his parents' influence and money to get a place in the laboratory. The laboratory’s manager is very law abiding and wants to hire the first person who is present for the interview. When Ghahraman gets to the laboratory, everything is done and Ashkan’s father has promised Dr. Pakzad to buy some of the hospital’s shares. They have even made some arrangement to have a graduation party for their children in the hospital’s amphitheater. With some pleading from Nilofar, Dr. Pakzad agrees to hire two people on a probationary basis so that the best person is chosen. Sepehr and Golakh are Nilofar’s coworkers and do not like Ghahraman and prefer to work with Ashkan. This is why they try to hinder his chance of success. Sepehr is an insidious person and tries to use Ghahraman’s blind points, like telling fake stories of how he was in love with Nilofar years ago and they planned to marry but Nilofar broke up with him. Meanwhile, Nilofar who has no doubt about Ghahraman’s affections tries to help him express his feelings and is waiting to hear him ask for her hand in marriage. Ghahraman tries to overcome his weaknesses but he is defeated every time. The graduation ceremony is held and…