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Laboratory - Azmayeshgah - آزمایشگاه

Laboratory - Azmayeshgah - آزمایشگاه

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Laboratory - Azmayeshgah - آزمایشگاه
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Comedy chaos and misunderstandings aplenty develop in this heart-warming film which follows the misadventures of Champion, a socially awkward genius who works in a hospital lab. Dealing with his own slapstick clumsiness amidst the many colorful characters of the hospital, Champion searches for love and tries to become a success. But our likeable hero must first avoid the ploys of an old rival if he is to earn respect at the workplace and gain the attention he wants from Miss Pakzad. Filled with laughs from start to finish.


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