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Khatereh - Khatere - خاطره


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Khatereh - Khatere - خاطره

Khatereh - Khatere - خاطره

A woman, who is a writer, is struggling with some difficulties after her second marriage. She is striving to improve the relation between her second husband and the child, but this is bothersome for the child and causes many issues for them.

زني نويسنده پس از ازدواج دوم خود، با مشكلاتي روبرو مي شود. او سعي دارد رابطه فرزند و همسر دومش را بهبود بخشد اما اين رابطه براي كودك آزاردهنده است و دشواري هاي زيادي برايش ايجاد مي كند.