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The Potboiler - Khaltour - خالتور

The Potboiler - Khaltour - خالتور

Three young idealistic musicians are in the single-minded pursuit of making good music and avoiding the popular music market. However, a lack of luck and being ignored by the audience takes its toll on them and they are forced to lower their standards to please the crowds. A very colorful comedy embellished with tunes.

چند نوازنده جوان که تمایلی ندارند تا آهنگ های سطح پایین اجرا کنند با مشکل بی کاری دست به گریبان می شوند، ولی آشنایی با فردی میلیاردر مشکلات آن ها را در مسیری جدید قرار می دهد...

This musical comedy narrates the lives of three young musicians who are trying hard to perform legitimate pieces and avoid market music. When they fail at attracting audience, they change their mind. They convert to a kind of music that has a lot of fans despite the fact that it is not taken seriously by the experts.

اين کمدي-موزيکال روايتي ارائه ميدهد از زندگي سه جوان موزيسين که سعي زيادي دارند اسير موسيقي بازاري نشوند و به اجراي قطعات موجه بپردازند اما عدم اقبال مخاطبان موجب مي‌شود به سراغ نوعي از موسيقي بروند که عليرغم جدي گرفته نشدن از سوي کارشناسان، مخاطبان فراواني دارد