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Katyusha - Katiusha - کاتیوشا

Katyusha - Katiusha - کاتیوشا

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Katyusha - Katiusha - کاتیوشا

Khaleel Basiji known as Khaleel Katyusha is an influencer on Instagram who has to spend a few days with Arshia an obnoxious rich boy. Their different social statuses causes troubles for both sides…

Two varying people with two different backgrounds face each other.

من اگه بخوام توی زندگیم موفق باشم حتما نباید اونجوری به زندگی نگاه کنم که تو نگاه می‌کنی