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Journey to the East - Safar be Shargh - سفر به شرق

Journey to the East - Safar be Shargh - سفر به شرق

Journey to the East - Safar be Shargh - سفر به شرق

A teenage from Neyshabur named Poya pretends to make a beautiful pottery for the artistic education competitions. The pottery becomes so well-known that Poya is invited to the national tournament in order to make the same pottery and compete with other artists. Poya who does not want to reveal the secret and destroy his reputation, travels to a remote village, without informing his family, to find the main builder of the pottery and ask him how to create the piece. He who doesn't have any ticket for the train, encounters so many problems with a few fraudsters along the way. But after all, he arrives to the house of Yaghma, the illiterate poet and clayman. After some time, while gainning tremendous experiences from life and at the same time learning the secrets of how to build a clay tile, he is ready to confront the reality of life.

پویا پسر نوجوانی كه مدعی ساخت یك سفال زیبا شده و در مسابقات فرهنگی هنری آموزش پرورش رتبه اول را بدست آورده است، اینك به مسابقات كشوری دعوت می شود تا در حضور هیأت داوران همان سفال را بسازد. پویا كه نمی خواهد رازش فاش شود


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