Battle in Tasooki - Jedal Dar Tasooki - جدال در تاسوکی


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Battle in Tasooki - Jedal Dar Tasooki - جدال در تاسوکی

Battle in Tasooki - Jedal Dar Tasooki - جدال در تاسوکی

A well-meaning and mild-mannered man arrives in a remote desert community, determined to teach all who live within it a remarkably different way of life. Though there are those that believe in his message and are genuinely intent on helping him - he quickly finds himself faced with hostility from older leaders of the community who are knowingly complicit and involved in criminality. As he battles on with his mission, he is forced to fight against their ever-worsening threats. Can he turn it around before the law intervenes?

علی، معلم جوان به یكی از روستاهای پرت افتاده ی سیستان می رود تا با یاری اهالی در آن جا مدرسه بسازد. او از همان ابتدا با مخالفت ببرك خان ، قاچاقچی شروری كه مخالف با سواد شدن اهالی است، رو به رو می شود

Ali, as he has promised to his father, sets off to somewhere off-the-beaten-track to teach and educate impoverished and underdeveloped people in small villages. The villagers are at first unwilling to accept Ali's teachings. In fact, they fear that Babrak Khan might prove a danger to them all. Babrak Khan is a smuggler who has done many evils and is always trying to entice people to wrongdoings. The coffee man of the village, a lifelong ally and supporter of Babrak Khan, is completely transformed by Ali's teachings and disavows any relations with Babrak Khan. The coffee man is so moved by Ali's good treatment of the villagers that he starts encouraging Ali to build a school. So, Ali, the villagers, the coffee man and his apprentice start building the school. The coffee man's apprentice seems to be deaf but in fact he is an undercover police officer dealing with illegal drugs. Babrak Khan not only starts meddling in the construction of the school, he also does not allow his son to get nowhere near Ali. In the end, Babrak Khan is arrested with the aid of the villagers and the police. Babrak Khan, remorseful and contrite, is sorry of his misdeeds. He, before going to jail, asks Ali to take care of his son, Aziz, and make the best of him by educating him good deeds.

علی ، معلم جوان طبق قولی که به پدرش داده است برای باسواد کردن مردم راهی یکی از نقاط دور افتاده و محروم ایران می شود. مردم روستا در آغاز خود را از علی که غریبه است دور می سازند، آنها از این بیم دارند که ببرک خان قاچاقچی معروف ، از این رابطه با علی با پشتکاری که دارد رفته رفته مردم را و ... بسوی خود می کشاند. قهوه چی ده که از ایادی ببرک خان است براثر آشنائی با اهداف انسانی معلم تحول می یابد و او را به ساختن مدرسه تشویق می کند، با همیاری اهالی ، قهوهچی و شاگردش که به ظاهر لال اما در عمل مامور مبارزه با مواد مخدر است، ساختمان مدرسه با شروع می شود . ببرک خان علاوه بر کارشکنی از نزدیک شدن پسرش به معلم بیمناک است، سرانجام ببرک توسط مردم و با همکاری ماموران مبارزه با مواد مخدر دستگیر می شود . بیبرک خان که از اعمال خود نادم است پیش از رفتن به زندان پسرش عزیز را به علی میسپارد تا از او فردی مفید برای جامعه بسازد .