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Isolation - Enzeva - انزوا

Isolation - Enzeva - انزوا

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Isolation - Enzeva - انزوا

On her way home, Zohreh feels that someone's stalking her. As she attempts to escape, she gets hit by a car and dies. Her husband, releases from jail on bail for the first time in six years. He is given three days to arrange her funeral, but he has other concerns...

فیلم انزوا داستان پرویز است که پس از شش سال حبس با ضمانت رییس زندان برای هفتاد و دو ساعت مرخصی می گیرد تا همسرش را که فوت کرده است دفن کند و در مراسمش شرکت کند. اما پرویز فکر دیگری هم دارد که ذهنش را مشغول کرده است...

While going home, Zohreh feels that someone is following her. She runs away and this causes her to have a car accident and die. Parviz, her husband is let out of the prison for 72 hours in order to bury his wife and participate in her funeral, but his problem is something else.