Iron Island - Jazireh Ahani - جزیره آهنی

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Iron Island - Jazireh Ahani - جزیره آهنی

Iron Island - Jazireh Ahani - جزیره آهنی

Some poor people in the Southern coasts of Iran do not have any place to live, and thus, they reside on an old, abandoned ship in the sea. Captain Nemat, their chief, tries to persuade the ship-owner and the official authorities not to get the ship back. On the other hand, he is selling the iron parts of the ship piece by piece. 'Iron Island' is the story of those whose ignorance makes them simply trust those who are always ready to abuse their trust.

The story is about a large old ship which was grounded years ago in Qeshm coast in the Persian Gulf. A man claims to be the skipper and has rented different parts of the ship to the poor and wandered. The old skipper has created some parts in the ship including a school, and like a kind dictator, rules the ship and the people residing in its different sections. The ship is going into the mud more and more and eventually the skipper has no other choice but to leave the ship with all the people in it. When out of the ship, the skipper has no power over the people.

این داستان یک کشتی بزرگ قدیمی است که سال ها پیش در ساحل قشم در خلیج فارس به گل نشسته و حالا مردی که خود را ناخدای کشتی می خواند، قسمت های مختلف کشتی را به مردم فقیر و آواره اجاره داده است... ناخدای پیر، بخش های مختلفی را در کشتی به وجود آورده از جمله یک مدرسه و... چون دیکتاتوری مهربان، برای خود فرمانروایی کرده و برای ساکنان این کشتی که در طبقات مختلفی ساکن هستند، تعیین تکلیف می کند. روز به روز کشتی بیشتر در گل فرو می رود، سرانجام ناخدا چاره ای ندارد تا به همراه ساکنان کشتی آن را ترک کند، و بیرون از کشتی، ناخدا هیچ قدرتی ندارد...