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Iranian Spread - Sofrehye Irani - سفره ایرانی


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Iranian Spread - Sofrehye Irani - سفره ایرانی

Iranian Spread - Sofrehye Irani - سفره ایرانی

A young man steals a thousand-toman bill from a kid. A little later, the thief finds out that the money is fake, so he tries to put it away. The fake money is handed over in various cities around the country. In some cases, people don't understand that it is fake, and on several occasions, when the holder of the money finds out the truth, he gives the money to other people with tricks while also solving his/her own need or problem in any way possible. The pursuit of the banknote shows the differences between the people from different cultures. Eventually the money is lost at the ceremony of Chaharshanbe Soori, and during this time, the filmmaker has an opportunity to show the sympathy and contemplation that exists between people.

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