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Informer - Khabarchin - خبرچين


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Informer - Khabarchin - خبرچين

Informer - Khabarchin - خبرچين

Asghar Zaghi is a stagehand in a theater house at Laleh-Zaar street, and is always striving to give way to his life. He once happens to discover a team house, and decides to sell his information to SAVAK's ranked agents and achieve his lifelong dreams, but in his pursuit of SAVAK agents, he fails constantly, and after a series of events, he eventually ends up helping members of the team house. At the end, while helping them, he gets arrested by SAVAK agents.

رضا زاغی شاغل در تماشاخانه در واقع با خبرچینی برای ساواک امرار معاش میکند .وی بطور تصادفی پی به مخفی گاه انقلابیون در همسایگی میشود...


iran proud