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Inadaptable - Adat Nemikonim - عادت نمی کنیم

Inadaptable - Adat Nemikonim - عادت نمی کنیم

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German, Turkish and +20 more languages

Inadaptable - Adat Nemikonim - عادت نمی کنیم

The volatile Mahtab (Sareh Bayat) suspects her husband Ahmad (Mohammad Reza Foroutan) is having an affair with his student Farnoosh. After being tipped off by close family friend Sima (Hediyeh Tehrani) she angrily confronts her at the University where he works. However, when Farnoosh dies truths are exposed and events become increasingly complex as Sima and her husband Mansoor are inexorably immersed in the tragic situation. Themes of deception and its consequences underline this bellicose drama, with fine performances and an unnerving score that contribute to a relentlessly tense atmosphere.

داستان فیلم آااادت نمی کنیم با بازی محمدرضا فروتن و هدیه تهرانی درمورد احمدرضا مقدم ، استاد معروف و با سابقه دانشگاه است که شک و تردیدهای همسرش نسبت به ارتباط او با یکی از دانشجویانش منجر به دردسر و درگیری در زندگیش می شود...

Ahmadreza Moghadam is an outstanding university professor with many years of teaching under his belt whose wife, Mahtab, is suspicious of his relationship with one of his students. This leads to an unexpected disaster.