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In the Alleys of Love - Dar Kochehaye Eshgh - در کوچه های عشق

In the Alleys of Love - Dar Kochehaye Eshgh - در کوچه های عشق

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

In the Alleys of Love - Dar Kochehaye Eshgh - در کوچه های عشق

We follow a young man reflecting on his life in this thought-provoking tale of childhood. Forced to flee the devastated village of Abadan with his family at the beginning of the war, the young man returns years later. As he surveys the ruins of his former homestead, he remembers how his family adapted to a new life, his boyhood escapades, and his first love. An elegant account of how war affects the lives of children, this drama is a must see.

Right at the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war. a young man migrates along with his family from Abadan. When the war ends, he returns there with his father, but when he sees the city and their ruined house, hesitates to come back. During the days his father is preparing the house, the young man is walking alone in the neighborhood and thinks about his childhood and friends and their games and love stories. He meets some old men who have tolerated all the difficulties in the war and have remained in the city. He sees how the migrants are humiliated coming back to the city. He decides to return truly. In Abadan, the children of the past have now become young men and women, and today's children are playing in the ruins. Life is going on.

جوانی بیست و چند ساله که در آغاز جنگ همراه خانواده اش از آبادان مهاجرت کرده، پس از پایان جنگ با پدرش به آبادان بازگشته و با دیدن شهر و خانه شان که ویران شده، در بازگشت قطعی به شهرش مردد است. طی روزهایی که پدر برای ترمیم خانه ویرانشان اقدام می کند. جوان که در کوچه های خالی شهر تنهاست، به دوستان کودکیش و بازی ها و عشق ها و شیطنت هایشان می اندیشد. پیرمردان صبوری را ملاقات میکند که همه مصائب جنگ را تحمل کرده اند و در شهر مانده اند و بالاخره شاهد حقارتی می شود که مهاجران در شهرهای دیگر برخود تحمیل کرده اند. جوان بالاخره تصمیم به بازگشت قطعی میگیرد. در آبادان، از کودکان دیروز، آنها که مانده اند، جوان و شکوفا شده اند و کودکان امروز میان ویرانی ها به بازی کودکانه شان مشغولند و زندگی همچنان ادامه دارد.