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Imitator of Satan - Moghallede Sheitan - مقلد شیطان

Imitator of Satan - Moghallede Sheitan - مقلد شیطان

Imitator of Satan - Moghallede Sheitan - مقلد شیطان
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Jamshid Seif who is fired from NAJA (Police Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran), now is standing against the law. Using his experiences of the time he was an officer, he does some careful criminal activities without leaving any evidence. With cautiousness and delicacy, he takes photos of his victims before he goes to perform his plots. His last victim is a business manager of a large company who is also being pursued by a young detective because of his illegal activities. Jamshid finds out that his new victim is also targeted by a police officer so he puts the young police officer, too, in his list of victims. Unlike the previous operations, he faces some wise reactions which delay his plot.

بهکاری به نام جمشید سیف که با دقت و حوصله از سوژه های خود عکس و مدارکی را تهیه می کند، با تهدید آنها مبنی بر برملاشدن مدارک مورد نظر همکاری و هم یاریشان را در انجام اعمال پلیدش جلب می کند. مدیر بازرگانی یک شرکت آخرین سوژه اوست.


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