Identity - Hoviyat - هویت


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Identity - Hoviyat - هویت

Identity - Hoviyat - هویت

Nasser Pooyan goes on a trip to the north of Iran with some of his friends. He has an accident with a child hitting him with his motorcycle. Because of his conscience hurting him badly he returns to Tehran alone. In the way back home he himself has a car accident. An ambulance comes to take him to the hospital but by accident they take him to an hospital of war injures. But he can not remember his true identity so doctors and nurses try hard to help him remember his true identity.

After a struggle with his friends, a young man called Naser goes in an accident while he is returning home riding his motorcycle. When he is taken to the hospital, they think of him as someone injured in war. Naser gains his consciousness in an environment where all the people know him as a person injured in war. He tries to forget his dark past and hides behind his new identity, but there is a person among the patients who knows him. In an encounter with a new world, Naser must choose one of his identities, so he says goodbye to his past personality.

جوانی به نام "ناصر"، پس از درگیری با دوستانش، در راه بازگشت به خانه با موتورش به شدت تصادف کرده و در مسیر انتقال به بیمارستان به عنوان مجروح جنگی بستری می گردد. ناصر در محیطی به هوش می آید که همه او را به عنوان مجروح جنگی می شناسند. او در فرار از گذشته تاریکش سعی می کند خود را در ورای هویت تازه اش پنهان سازد اما در میان مجروحین کسی هست که او را می شناسد. . . در کشاکش و رویارویی با دنیای تازه، ناصر باید از دو چهره خود یکی را برگزیند و سرانجام با دنیای گذشته اش وداع می کند .


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