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I - Man - من

I - Man - من

I - Man - من
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Forgery, smuggling and oboe lessons make up a few activities Azar is involved with. As she switches between legality and illegality, the risks accompanying her dual life begin to become more apparent, putting into question its continued sustainability. However, it is clear from the onset that if anyone could walk between these polarised worlds, few could achieve it in such a confident and instinctive way.

Synopsis by IMVBox

این فیلم داستان زنی به نام آذر است که از طریق دلالی و راه اناختن کار دیگران از طرق غیر قانونی پول در میآورد ولی سایه پلیس را هم همواره بر شانه اش دارد...

This film is the story of a woman named Azar who makes money through illegal work for others.


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