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Hunting the Hunter - Shekare Shekarchi - شکار شکارچی

Hunting the Hunter - Shekare Shekarchi - شکار شکارچی

Hunting the Hunter - Shekare Shekarchi - شکار شکارچی

In this tale of working together to overcome adversity, villager Moslem encounters youthful cleric Mehdi and helps him spread the word of revolution. Their efforts are hampered by strict orders the authorities, and Moslem is eventually incarcerated for his association with the young revolutionary. When the village begins to rise up against the police, Moslem finds he has more allies than he had anticipated. As Mehdi targets his campaign at the King, the authorities begin to crack down even harder. Teamwork and freedom are central themes in this moving drama.

Despite the police’s restrcitions, Moslem helps Mehdi Abedini, a young theologue, to come to their village and explain the Islamic revolution to them. The police finds out about this and arrests Moslem, but the people’s protests, leads to his freedom. The young theologue continues to promote Islam by gathering people in a place. The police arrests him, but again people start to protest; therefore the police has no choice other than letting Abedini go. However, not much after his release, he starts to encourage people to rise against the regime. The police shoots him and he himself is also shot.

مسلم "علیرغم سخت گیریہای ماموران "مهدی عابدینی "طلبه جوان - کمک میکند تاوارد روستایشان شود و به تشریح انقلاب بپردازد. ماموران از این امر با اطلاع شده و "مسلم " را دستگیر می کنند ولی تظاهرات مردم سبب می شود تا او آزاد شود . طلبه جوان با تشکیل اجتماعات ، به تبلیغ و ترویج انقلاب می پردازد ، رئیس پاسگاه او را دستگیر میکند. اهالی روستا، به تظاهرات میپردازند، رئیس پاسگاه ناچار از آزادی " عابدینی " می شود . اما هنوز دقایقی از آزادی طلبه جوان تگذشته است که او به ترغیب و قیام مردم برعلیه رژیم می پردازد. رئیس پاسگاه او را هدف گلوله قرار میدهد و خود نیز هدف گلوله قرار میگیرد