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House of Paper - Khaneh Kaghazi - خانه کاغذی

House of Paper - Khaneh Kaghazi - خانه کاغذی

House of Paper - Khaneh Kaghazi - خانه کاغذی
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A famous journalist who was out of job for a few years after being arrested, is living with his only daughter in Iran . She is also a journalist. Death of a writer returns an old love from abroad, making him write again .This time about the economy and its mafia .His daughter also tries to write about politics. But both become victims...

فیلم خانه کاغذی داستان امیرعلی ابراهیمی روزنامه نگار کنارکشیده و دخترش سارا می باشد که او هم روزنامه نگار است . با بازگشت مینو که روزگاری او و امیر علی عاشق هم بوده اند و شنیدن واقعیت درباره دلایل رفتن او، امیرعلی مجاب می شود دوباره به کار برگردد . از سوی دیگر سارا ....

A father and his daughter are reporters and work together and no one got married for the other. The girl works in a publishing house and her father starts to write again after some time.


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