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Hiva - Heeva - هیوا

Hiva - Heeva - هیوا

Subtitles: English, Italian and +20 more languages

Hiva - Heeva - هیوا

Fifteen years after her husband Hamid was declared MIA in the war, Hiva decides to visit the places from their past in an attempt to move on with her life. Though she has received numerous marriage proposals, including from Hamid's fellow soldier Amir, she has yet to accept any of them, and she hopes that by saying a final goodbye to her missing husband she will be able to prepare her soul for a better future. She is not prepared however for the discovery that awaits her on her introspective journey.

حمید در جنگ مفقود می شود و بعد از پانزده سال هیوا همسرش تصمیم می گیرد تا از مناطق جنگی و خانه ای که در آن با حمید زندگی می کرده بازدید کند.