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Highlight - Haylayt - هایلایت

Highlight - Haylayt - هایلایت

Subtitles: English, Arabic, Romanian and +20 more languages

Highlight - Haylayt - هایلایت

A man and a woman are have a car accident and go into a coma, but their spouses don't know why these two were together in the first place.

A car accident causes many people to face each other. Nursing the injured and waiting for their recovery is a long and wearisome wait.

یک تصادف اتومبیل آدم‌هایی را در تقابل با هم قرار می‌دهد. مراقبت از مصدومین و انتظار برای به هوش آمدن آنها انتظاری طولانی و جانکاه است.