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High School - Dabirestan - دبیرستان


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High School - Dabirestan - دبیرستان

High School - Dabirestan - دبیرستان

Ali Naseri, a biology teacher, has quit using drugs; thus, he returns to his homeland after three years. Through his father’s good reputation, he starts working in a high school again. In one of his classes, he enters into a quarrel with a student, named Masoud Hassanpour. Meanwhile, he takes heroine from Masoud’s pocket. Thereafter, Masoud escapes while that heroine pocket is remained by Naseri. The idea of using drug tempts him again; in spite of that, Naseri manages to get rid of that temptation and the danger of addiction. He starts looking for Masoud, then he is encountered with Masoud’s family. A family which is almost ruined, while his sister is an addict and his father is suffering from a mental disorder. Naseri decides to help Masoud’s family out. However, Masoud’s father and sister die through a fire incident, Naseri manages to help Masoud get rid of addiction and the dealers’ trap.

علی ناصری، دبیر زیست شناسی، که به تازگی ترک اعتیاد کرده، پس از سه سال به زادگاهش بازمی گردد و به دلیل سابقة خوب پدرش به کار بازگردانده می شود...


iran proud