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Hidden Games - Bazihaye Penhan - بازی‌های پنهان


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Hidden Games - Bazihaye Penhan - بازی‌های پنهان

Hidden Games - Bazihaye Penhan - بازی‌های پنهان

Mr. Tarighat is the manager of a construction company and has a wealthy life. Through an accident, his 14-year secret is revealed and his daughter Maryam finds out that some years ago, his father has found a bag full of money and did not return it back to the owner. Maryam who is upset about this event, tries to find the bag owner. Akbar and Houshang are two thieves and when they read Maryam's announcement in the newspaper, they enter the story and Akbar introduces himself as Rastegari, the bag owner. He succeeds to gain a huge amount of money from Tarighat. Akbar and Houshang go into a struggle regarding their shares. On the other hand, Maryam and her fiance Farhad, succeed to identify the true owner (Rastegari) and they find out that he has died seven years ago.


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