Here - Iro - ایرو


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Here - Iro - ایرو

Here - Iro - ایرو

It’s night. All’s going on in an endless silence. The lonely and tired old man just walking around. His restlessness proves how deeply he’s been obsessed with his problems and agonies. He’s thinking of saving his son, Sohrab. However, all doors are closed. He’s involved in cycle of daily life, though decided, he’s not able to change anything. He’s fighting and then returning his grandson back home and baptizing him. In spite of all his efforts, the son is executed and he’s just there in time! He takes the body of his son, which looks like a white poplar tree, through the mountain and rivers and baptizing him. The old man should take care of his grandson too and make him sleep and then returns to bury and let his son sleep at night, which is no doubt the best time. He goes back home and spreads down their bed outside home, drinks some water and sleeps.

پیرمردی که به تنهایی زندگی می‌کند و در انتظار قصاص فرزند خود می‌باشد به او اطلاع می‌دهند که در زندان سکته کرده است. برای تحویل جنازه راهی شهر شده و با اتفاقاتی مواجه می شود


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