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Hatred - Boghz - بغض

Hatred - Boghz - بغض

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Hatred - Boghz - بغض

Zhaleh and Hamed are two third generation Iranian immigrants who have settled down in another country against their will. Their families, who find Iran's living conditions unsuitable, take refuge in Turkey in order to have a peaceful life. 'Hatred' includes two parallel stories from two periods of Zhaleh and Hamed's lives. The first one focuses on happier times when they first meet, while the second focuses on eight crucial hours when they commit a robbery in hopes of raising enough cash to start somewhere else anew. However, the pair discover that the path to new beginnings is far from smooth. An intriguing look at the lives of immigrants.

ماجراي پرتنش عشق و نفرت. دو روايت از دو مقطع زندگي حامد و ژاله در استانبول: روايت اول: حامد (بابک حميديان) پسر جوان ايراني گرافيتي کاري در ترکيه ، که کارش کشيدن نقاشي هاي خياباني است، مجردي نمي تواند وارد ديسکو شود. او براي رفتن به داخل ديسکو با ژاله (باران کوثري) آشنا مي شود و اين آغاز رابطه عاشقانه آنهاست. روايت دوم: هشت ساعت سرنوشت ساز زندگي حامد و ژاله در آخرين ساعات حضورشان در استانبول که دست به سرقت از مغازه عموي حامد (مهران احمدي) مي زنند و...

A story full of love and hate. Two tales about two different periods in the life of Ahmed and Jhaleh in Istanbul. The first tale: Ahmed (Babak Hamidian) is a young Iranian man who works as a graffiti artist in Turkey; his work is to draw street art. He cannot enter the disco because he is single. He meets Jhaleh (Baran Kosari) in order to go to the disco and they begin to fall in love. The second tale: Eight important hours in their life; Ahmed and Jhaled rob the shop that belongs to Ahmed’s uncle (Mehran Ahmadi) in their last few hours in Turkey and…