Half Moon - Niwe Mang - نیوه‌ مانگ


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Half Moon - Niwe Mang - نیوه‌ مانگ

Half Moon - Niwe Mang - نیوه‌ مانگ

Mamo, an old and legendary Kurdish musician living in Iran, plans to give one final concert in Iraqi Kurdistan. After seven months of trying to get a permit and rounding up his ten sons, he sets out for the long and troublesome journey in a derelict bus, denying a recurring vision of his own death at half moon. Halfway the party halts at a small village to pick up female singer Hesho, which will only add to the difficulty of the undertaking, as it is forbidden for Iranian women to sing in public, let alone in the company of men. But Mamo is determined to carry through, if not for the gullible antics of the bus driver.

Mamo is an old and well-known music player in Kurdistan who begins a journey with his sons for a concert holding in Iraq after the fall of Saddam's regime. In this journey, Kako is a middle aged man who has dedicated himself to Mamo and is the driver of the bus borrowed from his friend to accompany Mamo. Mamo gathers his sons one by one from different regions but the last son wants to tell something to Mamo before getting on the bus. He tells Mamo that the old man in the village has suggested that it is better for Mamo not going on this journey because an accident will happen for him when the moon goes full. Mamo says that he will continue his journey anyway because he has been banned for years. The officer goes to search for a woman called Heshou (meaning 'a bunch of grapes') who has been living in exile for years along with 1334 other women. But Heshou has lost her voice and self-confidence and singing is so hard for her. They encounter different events and adventures while trying to pass the border.

"مامو"، نوازنده‌ پير و سرشناس کردستان، همراه فرزندانش سفري را براي اجراي کنسرت در عراق پس از صدام آغاز مي‌کند. در اين سفر، کاکو مرد ميان‌سالي که خود را ارادت‌مند مامو مي‌داند، به عنوان راننده و با اتوبوسي که از دوستش قرض گرفته است، او را همراهي مي‌کند. مامو يکي‌يکي فرزندانش را که در نواحي مختلف زندگي مي‌کنند جمع مي‌کند، اما آخرين پسرش پيش از سوارشدن به اتوبوس از پدر مي‌خواهد دقايقي از ماشين پياده شود. پسر به مامو مي‌گويد که "پير" روستا گفته که بهتر است مامو به اين سفر نرود زيرا هنگامي که ماه کامل شود براي او اتفاقي خواهد افتاد. مامو مي‌گويد به هر طريق که باشد اين سفر را ادامه خواهد داد زيرا سال‌هاست جلوي کارش گرفته شده است. مامو به سراغ زن خواننده‌اي به نام هشو (به معناي خوشه‌ انگور) مي‌رود که سال‌هاست همراه 1334زن ديگر در تبعيد زندگي مي‌کند اما هشو صداي پيشينش را همراه با اعتماد به نفس از دست داده است. آن‌ها در مسير عبور از مرز با حوادث و موانع متفاوتي روبه‌رو مي‌شوند.