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Half For Me Half For You - Nesf Male Man Nesf Male To - نصف مال من نصف مال تو

Half For Me Half For You - Nesf Male Man Nesf Male To - نصف مال من نصف مال تو

Subtitles: English, Arabic, French and +20 more languages

Half For Me Half For You - Nesf Male Man Nesf Male To - نصف مال من نصف مال تو

Finding someone with whom you can share all your secrets may seem like a wonderful dream, but for Pouneh and Sepideh, that is exactly what they've found. The very best of friends, Pouneh and Sepideh share many of the same interests and fashion sense, but questions about their respective families reveal they may have more in common than they first thought: namely their father Bahram. Now the burden of choice is on him, Bahram's siblings urging him to reveal the truth of his double marriage, while his daughters encourage him to keep the secret hidden.

The headmistresses of a school suspect that two of their students, Sepideh and Pouneh, might be sisters. Their curiosity rises more when they notice that both of the girls' father's name is Bahram and that the two girls look alike. Finally , it is revealed that Bahram is married to two wives at the same time. Bahram's brother advises him to open up to his wives and tell them the truth. To do so, Bahram asks his daughters to help him and tell their mothers this sad true story. Each and every time they decide to tell their mothers the truth, something happens that ruins their plans. At the same time, the wives meet accidentally. In one of the little girls' attempts to reveal the secret, each wife gets wrong impressions. Bahram pretends that he is sick and injured and gets himself hospitalized. When the two wives go to the hospital to visit their husband, they learn the truth. They decide to divorce.Finally because of being pregnant, they should accept this situation.

مسئولان دبستانی دخترانه، متوجه می شوند که مشخصات پدر دو دانش آموز یک کلاس، سپیده و پونه، شبیه و پدرشان «بهرام » است و به این ترتیب معلوم می شود که «بهرام» دو همسر دارد. «بهرام» به توصیه ی برادرش از سپیده و پونه، می خواهد تا واقعیت را با مادرشان در میان بگذارند، اما هر بار از پایان کار می ترسند و اقدام شان را نیمه تمام می گذارند. در چنین شرایطی «مهری» (مادر سپیده) و «پروین» (مادر پونه) به صورت اتفاقی با هم آشنا می شوند و بعد در اثر صحنه سازی که بچه ها خلق می کنند، هریک فکر می کند فقط آن دیگری هوو دارد، اما وقتی «بهرام» به دروغ در بیمارستان بستری می شود در زمان عیادت، «مهری» و «پروین» می فهمند که خودشان هووی یکدیگر هستند. پس هر دو از دادگاه تقاضای طلاق می کنند، اما به علت بارداری هر دو، دادگاه درخواستشان را رد می کند... اتفاقات بعدی سرانجام مهری و پروین را به این نتیجه می رساند که با این قضیه کار بیایند...