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Hafez - Hafez - حافظ


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Hafez - Hafez - حافظ

Hafez - Hafez - حافظ

A young man named Shamsadin (Mehdi Moradi) receives the title of Hafez, bestowed only on those who memorize the Koran, and is sent to teach it to Nabat (Aso), the overseas-raised daughter of a religious leader. Although they never see each other's faces, feelings of love grow between them as they read the holy book. Unable to contain his feelings for Nabat, Hafez breaks his vows as a holy man by composing a poem to her, and is thrown out of her father's house and forced to relinquish his title. Then Nabat is forced to marry another man. Will the two ever be able to meet again?

The story of a man who has memorized the Holy Quran. In this movie, life of the famous poet from Shiraz (Hafez) is presented symbolically.

داستان حافظ درباره زندگي يك حافظ قرآن است، در اين فيلم به گونهاي نمادين به زندگي حافظ شيرازي پرداخته مي شود.

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