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Green Hell - Jahaname Sabz - جهنم سبز

Green Hell - Jahaname Sabz - جهنم سبز

In this cautionary tale about poaching, elderly gamekeeper Heydari's encounter with a group of illegal hunters whilst on patrol ends in tragedy. His son-in-law Elias, also a game-keeper makes it his mission to try to find out what happened, and encounters the mysterious Zandi, who claims to be a law enforcer. It soon becomes apparent that there is more to him that meets the eye. In this dramatic investigative film, secrets about animal trafficking are uncovered, while life lessons are learned along the way.

آقای حیدری كه شكاربان سالخورده منطقه جنگلی حفاظت شده است در یكی از گشت های خود به تعدادی از شكارچی های غیر مجاز برمی خورد و قصد مقابله با آن ها را دارد كه به قتل می رسد. الیاس شكاربان جوان كه داماد حیدری نیز هست نگران غیبت حیدری می شود و...