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Granaz - Geranaz - گراناز

Granaz - Geranaz - گراناز

Subtitles: English, Arabic, German and +20 more languages

Granaz - Geranaz - گراناز

Much to the despair of his mother and his teachers, young Milad is perpetually late for school. Just as the formidable Mr Khan warns him to curb his behaviour once and for all, Milad encounters Granaz, an elderly lady unable to communicate in anything other than her local tongue. Milad vows to help her find her son, at the cost of getting to school on time. This enchanting light drama shows just how far a little kindness can take people, even when it comes at a sacrifice.

درباره پسری 10 ساله است که با زنی بلوچ همسفر می‌شود. او برای یافتن نشانی همسفر خود که زبان همدیگر را متوجه نمی‌شوند، دست به جستجو می‌‌زند.