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Gozal - Gozal - گزل

Gozal - Gozal - گزل

Gozal - Gozal - گزل

A striking portrayal of the intricacies of tribal customs, this drama examines the attachment between animals and their owners. A talented Turkman jockey is bequeathed a beautiful horse referred to as Gozal by a warrior. He is impressed with the creature's incredible speed and over time, he bonds with the animal. However, when the threat of losing his horse looms, the jockey must accept a challenge that may cost him his life. A riveting story of sacrifice and the special bond between humans and creatures.

Anna is a rider who admires a horse called Gozal, which belongs to his friend Safar-Jan. Safar-Jan dies while fighting in the front lines and Anna goes to the front and looses a foot. Upon returning to her birthplace, she cannot find Gozal, which is a reminder of her friend. She looks for the horse everywhere and when she finds it, she is determined to own it...

«آنا» سوارکاری است که به اسبی به نام «گزل»، متعلق به دوستش «سفرجان» علاقه فراوان دارد. «سفر جان» در جبهه شهید میشود. «آنا» هم به جبهه میرود و یک پایش را از دست می دهد. در بازگشت به زادگاهش «گزل» را که یادگار دوستش است، نمی یابد. «آنا» با سرسختی تمام در جستجوی« گزل» برمی آید و وقتی پیدایش میکند، میخواهد بهر ترتیب شده او را به دست آورد...