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Gordale & Auntie Ghoul - Gordale va Amme Ghoule - گورداله و عمه غوله

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Gordale & Auntie Ghoul - Gordale va Amme Ghoule - گورداله و عمه غوله

Gordale & Auntie Ghoul - Gordale va Amme Ghoule - گورداله و عمه غوله

Gordale is an intelligent, clever boy in a crowded rural family. His dad and brother make their living by thorn picking. One day an ugly ghoul appears and introduces herself as their aunt. When she invites them to her house, Gordale’s elder naïve brother, Ghazghoul, accepts the invitation. Dreaming of the auntie’s wealth, greedy Ghazghoul takes everyone there with a donkey received from her as a present. Everyone is idly eating and sleeping over there, when Gordale finds out about the horrible trap devised by the cannibal ghoul in the guise of the auntie. Gordale must find a way to rescue everyone...

فیلم گورداله داستان پسری باهوش است، گورداله تصمیم می گیرد از خانواده اش در برابر عمه غوله محافظت کند...

The story of the family of a farmer who picks thistles along with his son, Gordaleh. Once, a monster who desires to eat the entire family, deceives Gordaleh ...

درباره خانواده مرد خار کني است که به همراه پسرش «گورداله» به خارکني مي رود و در طي حوادثي پسر گول غولي را مي‌خورد که مي‌خواهد تمام اعضا خانواده را بخورد.


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